Aleona Isakova

Aleona Isakova was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. She began her career in High Fashion in Moscow, Russia.  From 1991 to 2004, Aleona was the Art Director of Fashion Company FAVORE (Switzerland & Russia). She designed haute couture collections that were shown internationally with great acclaim in locations such as: Citadel, Jerusalem, Israel; Welsh Parliament, Great Britain; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Propeller Fashion Show, Sydney, Australia.

In 2005, Aleona committed the next two years to illustrating the book of the “Song of Solomon”. Experts from one of the world’s largest and oldest museums, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, deemed her illustrations as “an original and significant contribution to contemporary Biblical illustration.”

After moving to the United States, she began producing abstract paintings inspired by music and nature.

 In 2012, her art was presented at the 60th National Prayer Breakfast, Washington DC, and at the Evergreen Museum and Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

 Since 2010 Aleona lives with her husband in the Washington DC metropolitan area. 



Selected exhibitions and shows:


2016: Solo Show "Beauty by God", Regent Hall, 275 Oxford St. London, Great Britain.

2012 -2013: Solo exhibition “ Through the Legacy of Bakst- The Art of Aleona Isakova” 

in Evergreen Museum and Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

2012: Solo exhibition in Hilton on 60th National Prayer Breakfast, Washington DC, USA.

2010: Exhibition in Russian Cultural Centre, Washington DC, USA.

2005: Solo show in Yusuposky Palace (a unique historical place), St. Petersburg, Russia.

2004: Solo show in the Rotary Club of Moscow (Hotel National), Russia.

2003: Show in the Propeller Fashion Show, FAVORE, Sydney, Australia.

2003: Show in The Moscow National Showroom “Manege” (located at walls of the Kremlin), Russia.

2001: Solo show in Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2000: Solo show in the City Hall of Cardiff (Welsh Parliament), Great Britain.

1999: Solo show in the Hall of Tver Noble Assembly , Russia.

1998: Solo show in International Convention Center, Jerusalem, Israel.

1998: Solo show in the Tower of David - Museum of the History of Jerusalem, Israel.