Claudio Missagia

To invite us symbolically into the observer’s mind and into the artist’s creative process, Missagia has come up with a magical word: PASSAGES as a title leading us inside his intuitive process and casting us afloat in his imaginative inner stream of consciousness.
A passage crossed, as in a space or place, from one to another. Depart and return, go backward and forwards. The passage from one state to another via the transformation of matter, yet also the color of the artist’s spirit – nay, soul.
Should we rest our eyes on a canvas, then upon another, and hence continually, we find we have explored the creativity of an artist, carried us gently along with the water that flows, feeds out and gives life to emotions. The water of an underground river which fertilizes the soil of our emotional life employing the elements necessary for us to prosper.
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Solo exhibitions

-1995  Bagno Art Gallery , Venise
-1996 Biale Ceruti Art Gallery, Sienna
-1997 Mainardi Art Gallery, Bologna
-1999 Bagno Art Gallery, Venise
-2000 Galerie Mouvances, Paris
-2001 Galerie de la Daurade, Toulouse
-2002 Galerie Arkana, Nantes
-2003 Biale Ceruti Art Gallery, Sienna
-2004 Galerie Mouvances, Paris
-2005 Hicks Gallery, London
-2006 Biale Ceruti Art Gallery,  Sienna
-2009 Galerie de la Daurade, Toulouse
-2010 Steiner Gallery, Vienna
-2010 Amadordelosroios Gallery, Madrid
-2010 Galerie Ovadia, Nancy
-2010 Biale Ceruti Art Gallery, Sienna
-2010 S. Eufemia Gallery, Venise
-2013 Beddington Fine Art / Brasserie Bertin, Draguignan, Var
En permanence à Beddington Fine Art Bargemon


– Biale Cerruti Art Gallery, Sienna
– Galerie le Capricorne, St Paul de Vence
– Galerie dei Barri, St Tropez
– Mediterraneo Casa dell’ Arte, Londres
– Steiner Gallery, Vienna, Autriche
– Galerie Cafmeyer, Knokke – Heist – Belgique
– Angelina Gautier Agency for Fine Art, Dillinger, Allemagne
– Galerie Ovadia, Nancy
– S. Eufemia Gallery, Venise
– Galerie Mouvances, Paris
– Galleria Gherardi 30, Senigallia
– Galeria Amadordelosroios, Madrid
– Spazio Marchi – Conegliano, Italie
– Biale Cerruti Art Gallery, Sienna
– Galeries Robert Deniau- Mougins
– Minima Gallery -Mikenos
– Byard art -cambridge
– Envie d’art -Paris
– Beddington fine art -Bargemon