As an independent artist, I use different resources, techniques, and tools, like textiles, drawings, and paintings, both in digital as well as analog way. 
I like to perform live video painting on the iPad-Pro with the projection on widescreen on events.

As a matter of fact, I work as easily on my IPad-Pro and my iMac as well as in acrylic on canvas. I am inspired by Argentine Tango, nature and people, in a digital and abstract expressive way, wherein color and movement are important.

By using layers in my artworks I want to reach a more depth sense. The virtual dreams are reflexing my real dreams and desires. I like to make new realities by merging old and new artwork as representing my life cycle. The artworks created can be printed on different carriers in any desired format, e.g. aluminum, Plexiglass, Forex, canvas or paper.

In my acrylic paintings, I tell my story about passion and intimacy related to the Argentine music and dance. Other subjects for my paintings are portraits and nature.
Price Range: Upon the request 
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