Dylan Korelich


Born in 1970 in New York City, Dylan Korelich was raised in Morningside Heights of Manhattan where he would reside for the majority of his life. His immediate environment which included Harlem, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Columbia University, The American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the MoMA, where he was exposed to a broad spectrum of arts, culture, and people at a very early age. Having grown up with this access I feel profoundly appreciative of my experience because it was the greatest education you can imagine. It was the inspiration for my curiosity that leads me to pursue this path of an artist.

In the early 90's he attended The School of Visual Arts for film. Subsequent to this education, He had the opportunity to work on the 1996 production Basquiat where I decided to pursue a career as a professional illustrator. He worked as a storyboard artist in the film, commercial and advertising industry. During this time, he would expand his arts education at The Arts Students League of New York, The Spring Street Studio and many hours at the MET, MoMA and The Whitney Museum. However, he found that his interest in making art is more than just knowing art.

In 2010 he was offered the opportunity to work in intangible asset finance as an analyst for M•CAM Inc. This required relocating my residence to Charlottesville, Virginia to begin an on boarding process and learn how intangible assets are defined and the systems that govern their validity and transfer. This comprised of an education in intellectual property, patents, the legal enclosures that manifest their existence and how they are transferred in bankruptcy. But most importantly He was exposed to the knowledge of the framework in which their value is recognized in the risk adverse community of banking and finance.

His experience has been anything but conventional. He served as a firefighter for the Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department (2012 - 2017). Today he holds the unique position as the Artist in Residence for M•CAM Inc where he continues to paint and manifest his expression of value and creativity through each of his endeavors.