Geert Lemmers

After my photographic art graduation, I worked as a freelance photographer for magazines and as a fashion photographer. After the digital revolution I started with my art-career and in 2008 I won the professional art-price in my region. That really was my starting point as a professional artist. In 2017 I received two international art prices for my oeuvre: The “VISUAL ART MASTER" award in Lecce Italy OF ACCADEMIA ITALIA IN ARTE NEL MONDO ASSOCIATION CULTURAL and the FRANCISCO GOYA Award, which I received in May 2017 in Barcelona during the second art biennale.


In his work, Philosophy and Art creation are often closely intertwined, as all his projects start with a philosophical research and analysis. Geert combines in his artwork different cultures and uses the absurd in his attempt to explain the surrounding and uncertain world and its irrational aspects.


Composing artworks is for him almost a philosophical question. Transferring his thoughts into some kind of metaphoric representations help him to express them through strong and compassing images.


“The world of people is about men and women behind often beautiful looking facades in the middle of the chaotic universe we live in. I research the raw site of our lives represented as fairytales in a wonderland as an enlargement of our life. Enlarged characters in chaos, beauty, and imperfection. In every new project, I vary on this basic – entities”.

His works are displayed in several galleries and exhibitions in the Netherlands and in abroad. Since he had his brain-stroke in 2013 he has stopped with expositions in other countries and concentrates almost all his activities in online selling his artworks. In the Netherlands, five galleries are showing his work.

Besides his free artworks, Geert competes every year one or two appointments. This year he has a large contract for the Ministry of Home Affairs [Energy Department] completed. The works hang in the Hague.

SIZE:  80/60 cm.

MATERIAL: painted with acryl paint, chalk and ink on hardwood multiplex in a blank wooden picture frame.

PRICE: $800




This and other works Available on: 

The combinations of painting, photography and digital post-processing via MAC. 

Lambda c-prints om metallic paper on dibond behind acryl glass; ready to hang. 

Limited editions of eight piece.

Artwork comes with an international certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.


Different Sizes

Lambda c-prints om metallic paper on dibond behind acryl glass; ready to hang. 

Price: Upon a request