Hannes D’haese

Hannes D’haese is the opposite of the classically schooled artist.  Inspired by Karel Appel, D’haese started painting in the wake of his confrontation with the art and colors of the Dutchman. Like this famous cobra artist who claimed to “just throw paint on a canvass”, D’haese professes that he never saw an art academy on the inside; emphasizing that be-coming an artist is not something one can learn, being an artist is found within oneself. His visions are totally encompassing for him, techniques and schooling too limitative.  

One might consider this attitude provocative was it not that he would give his life for love. Love gives him a thousand ideas.  Love once financially ruined him; love made him a sinner but a driven one, full of emotion and passion.  His self-proclaimed mission: blessing even bombarding the world with his colors.  His style is characterized as abstract expressionism, with a penchant towards action painting.

Today this forty five year old color artist exhumes the drive of his father, a doctor intend on defeating death, of his talented mother Begga D’Haese and of his uncles Reinhoud (CoBrA group) and Roel D’Haese (Belgium’s biggest surrealist sculpture artist).  

Mentally Hannes is very close to the recently deceased Simon Vinkenoog (famous Dutch writer), not so much to his poetry and words but specifically to Simon’s longing to communicate: this endless longing, driven by the immense desire to attain the unreachable, which would most likely disintegrate were the attainable ever reached. 

Hannes D’haese is obsessed by the desire to save the world.  Can art, not religion save the world? This question has taken a grip on him. A child of his time, Hannes D’haese is intent on conquering the world.  With the churches empty, the world is in desperate need of social solidarity. With his love, passion, colors, his paintings, his sculptures and creative coffins, Hannes aspires to be an art-priest in the new social art-temple of the wider world.  

Is he following in the art-footsteps of Reinhoud d’Haese and Karel Appel (abstract expressionism) or did he redefine love and color into a new form of art? One thing is certain; his art testifies to emotion, passion, sadness and happiness. His art envelops an endless theatre all spectators unwillingly or willingly are part of.

Prince of Monaco and D'hase