Koen Soberon

Soberon Koen
Belgium (b.1971)


‘My intention is to produce a creative platform where suggestion encounters interpretation. 
it’s a dialogue between maker and viewer’


Koen Soberon wants te to create art that can enrich people, that can inspire them and make people dream. For him, art is an approach to express his profound love for people. He knows how to take full advantage of his knowledge of colors and compositions in order to bring a person in a certain state of mind.

Art lovers who sense and assimilate tonalities are easily absorbed by Koen Soberon’s personal environment so they can discover his optimism. A warm feeling that either gives you peace and quiet or an energy boost.

A work of art as such does not always have to be figurative and suggestive. The nice thing about Soberon’s art is that each individual can sense plastic art in a very individual way and give it a totally personal interpretation.

With artistic trends such as romanticism, impressionism or expressionism and in a later stage hyperrealism, it was obvious that the ‘spectator’, more consciously than unconsciously, was guided by the artist.  This is not the case here. Reality changes all the time for the ‘observer’.

Abstract Paintings 
aluminium panel


4500-6000 USD

An abstract photograph draws away from that which is realistic or literal. It draws away from natural appearances and recognizable subjects in the actual world. Some people even say it departs from true meaning, existence, and reality itself.                                                                                                                           

It stands apart from the concrete whole with its purpose instead depending on the conceptual meaning and intrinsic form.'

-John Suler