Aleona Isakova is famous artist, fashion and costume designer, fashion educator, author, hostess of TV programs and teacher of Haute Couture design. She founded and directed a high-fashion design company “FAVORE” of Switzerland & Russia. Starting from ground zero, she organized manufacturing of custom and haute couture dresses. As a fashion designer, Aleona created most than 15 haute couture collections. 

that were shown internationally with great acclaim in locations such as: Citadel, Jerusalem, Israel; Welsh Parliament, Great Britain; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Propeller Fashion Show, Sydney, Australia; and Yusupovsky Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia. 

The acting Head of the Department of Russian Art at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, one of the world’s largest and oldest museums, wrote:
“Aleona Isakova’s dress collection, is absolutely extraordinary. The splendor of these works fascinates even those not familiar with the art of fashion.” 

In 2012 Aleona’s art was presented at the 60th National Prayer Breakfast, Washington DC, VA, and at the Evergreen Museum and Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.
Since 2010 she lives with her husband in Washington DC, USA.  Her paintings and collection of dresses available in New York for private preview only. Estimate cost of 30 gowns is one million U.S dollars. 


rina Zaytceva was born in Moscow, Russia in 1957. As a child, she loved to draw and sculpt and eventually decided to make it her vocation. She graduated from Moscow Art Institute (Poljgrapfichesky) with an MFA degree in book illustration. Having illustrated a number of children books, she found porcelain by chance. A friend had given her a piece of clay, which prompted her to experiment with the new media and fall in love with it. Porcelain offers Irina a way to combine sculpting and drawing. Fine porcelain grain and whiteness of material is a perfect canvas for her drawings, and with the ability to bend her “canvas,” she can add sculptural elements to the picture. Someone called this hybrid media narrative sculpture, a term Irina thinks aptly describes her work. Never formally trained in ceramics, Irina had to invent ways to handle it. Unlike many of her colleagues who paint with oil based colors, she uses water based colors and has developed her own techniques in this media. She does not use casting but hand rolls her vases, cups, and, sculptures. With every piece porcelain yields its secrets to her. Since 1998, Irina resides in USA and presently has her studio near Princeton, New Jersey.