Marcio Menasce

Marcio Menasce was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He holds a degree in journalism and a postgraduate degree in photography. As a reporter, he worked for some of the most respected newspapers in the country. His photographic work aims to expand the boundaries of documentary photography, evoke new reflections and sensations for the spectators.

About “Into the Shell” series

“Into the Shell” is a poetic narrative that presents the shellfish collectors from the Guanabara Bay, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Aware that a story is an infinite and constant dialogue between narrator and reader, the photographer launches the images as a starting point to awaken the reflection and the sensations of the viewer. The artist move the pieces of the symbolic game to present the shellfish collectors as a group of the society that is not seen by the others. They are into the urban center of Rio de Janeiro, but for most of it's inhabitants they seem to live as if they are invisible inside shells.

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