Monique van Stokkum

"My artworks are mainly created with no preconceived plan, I take decisions while working.

Maybe you feel like having been there before, does it give you the feeling of longing or wondering. That is what also happens to me. 

People who know me and follow me for so many years can see that my style changed in the last three years. Painting with oil, using old techniques was how they knew me. There was and is a need in me to draw and so I do. But there is also the need to use colors and to paint. In my artwork,s I invite both. That makes the adventure even more special.

No main issue but something that gives me fun: making small wooden objects. Often in combination with other materials like paper, or thin copperthread."

Artschool 1971 - 1976
Examinations at academy Tilburg en Rotterdam 1975 en 1976
In 1978 first of four children was born, the last one in 1990
Masterclasses in 1995,1996, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010
Study travel in 1997 and 1998 Reggio Emilia (Italië) ‘Art as a language’
2003 -2013 masterclasses at School for old painting technics.
2010-   training and study group philosophy and art with children.

Professional practice:
Independent artist from 1994, Nijmegen.
Paintings, drawings, and objects. 

Regularly take part in expositions solo or with other artists.
Artworks in stock in Galerie Artacasa in Amsterdam and Galerie Hollandsche Maagd, Gouda.
1971 to 1998 teacher at the art center for amateur art and culture De Lindenberg, Nijmegen.
1986 t/m 2004consulent art-education at Edu-Art Gelderland, Arnhem.
Guest teacher art projects in basic- and secondary education. 
January 2005 opening new atelier and start activities in Boven Leeuwen
December 2005 son Valentijn dies
2015, 2016 and 2018 Artist in residence in Ireland, Ballinglon Art Foundation, Ballycastle, Mayo, and Cork.

Artworks bought by private persons and public instances,
organisations and companieslikeSt. Maartenskliniek Nijmegen afdeling Radiologie en afdeling Neurologie; NotariskantoorMostartBeek/Ubbergen;Ernst en Young; Dirk Zwager advocaten en notarissen Nijmegen, basisschool De Meiboom (Nijmegen), Maria basisschool (Boven Leeuwen).
registered in documentation of Gelderse artists 
Member GBK from 1997 t/m 2009, member VVK, Kamer van Koophandel
Member van artist  association  Gelders Rivierengebied: WERKPLEK till 2018.
Member NABK (landelijke kunstenaarsvereniging) till 2014
Member BOK, beroepsorganisatie beeldend kunstenaars, 2014- 
Member Pictoright, 2015-
Organisation of Open Ateliers in Nijmegen Oost (2000 t/m 2004)
Committeemember Stichting KunstBakens, kunstroute in het Land van Maas en Waal, van 2008-2015
Committeemember Stichting KunstPodium Maas en Waal, 2010-2014