Patricia Figueiredo

Since I was a child, I looked for what stood out: colors, shapes, lines, curves, always catching my eye. I have graduated in Architecture, executing several projects in which creating was the main focus. Filling spaces, making it all fit together. This process helped me develop an artistic gaze throughout my carreer.

All of this led me into collage, a form of expression where all visual factors fit like a puzzle. Through the pages of books and magazines, I get to renew pictures and give them a whole new meaning, and that feeling of togetherness made me fall in love with collage-making.

By visiting book stores, I intuitively choose images that, although separate, come together within

my subconscious and will fit into a different story. It’s the possibility of reutilizing old material and

giving it new life. A singular thing about my work is that I don’t title my pieces because I feel like it would influence the observer’s imagination and I would like for people to have the freedom of drawing their own conclusions.

OCTOBER 2015 –Affordable art fair Estocolmo

FEBRUARY 2016-Eka Moor Gallery Madrid MARCH 2016 –Affordable art fair Milan APRIL 2016 –Expo N.Y. Pier 94
MAY 2016-United Nations NY

JUNE 2016-Ava Gallery Helsinki

JULY 2016-Art Expo Santiago de Compostela
JULY 2016-Shapira Gallery NY
JULY 2016- Expo café-
Valenca RJ
LEMONART Gallery Berlin. SEPTEMBER2016-viSEMANADELARTE Espanha OCTOBER 2016 –Breteville Sur Laize France NOVEMBER 2016 –Gallery Joh Mabe S.P

NOVEMBER 2016- Artlab gallery S.P

JANUARY 2017- Ava Gallery Helsinki JANUARY 2017-Eka Moor Gallery Madrid JANUARY 2017- Artlab gallery S.P.
MAY 2017- Ava Gallery Helsinki
JANUARY 2018 –Santana Art Gallery Madrid MAY 2018- Santana Art Gallery Madrid JUNE 2018 –Grifio Art Gallery Rome

About my work.


I tear, I split, I separate. 

Down the middle, at the seams. 

Sometimes it has a surgical precision to it, sometimes it is merely happenstance. 

The thing is, the eyes cannot be trusted, for all that light makes is never the same for long. 

So I bind my perceptions together, picture by picture, hoping to capture the ever fleeting continuums of myself. 

That urgency gifts me closure and acceptance, and eyes I can finally seem to trust. 

At least until the next canvas.

Limited edition prints 
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