Ragnhild Lunden

My pictures are abstract.
They are pictures of me and my life.
In the meeting with you and your experiences in life. They may come alive and be very unique.



BORN IN GOTHENBURG SWEDENUniversity of Gothenburg:

Botany, marine botany, odontology,(worked as a dentist for 2 years), then medical microbiology, medical pathology, medical histology and pharmacology( in the program to get a doctors degree)

Art History.

Stockholms University Sweden, the Royal Academy of Art



IAA International Artists Association

BBK Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.Bundesverband der Bildende Künstler,

The board at the Gothenburg Art Association The Lysekil Art Association



Honored by the Brande Community in Denmark for Cultural work supporting the arts in the area of the city of Brande, Denmark.


The working period in Grèz Sür Loing, France, sponsored by the Swedish Institute.

Several working periods in Brande Denmark
First prize at the Remisen international Workshop, Denmark

Sponsored by the Swedish Council of Culture for the program “ the Dance of Visions”, a cooperation program for the Arabian and European artist to find each other and exhibit together.

(The start was a huge exhibition at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art in Amman, Jordan and continuation at the Röda Sten House of Culture in Gothenburg Sweden in cooperation with the Gothenburg Art Association. )

There was also a cooperation with the IMARAB , Culture Building in Paris ( still eventually a possibility ) where Tony Cragg and Bill Woodrow and I will represent Europe, but there still is a lot of work finding the corresponding artists living in the Middle East.



Sposored by NUNSKY and by the Swedish Council of Culture





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In answer to my question, Ragnhild Lundén says says that fun pleasure and sensuality are the impetus for her artistry. And when I gaze upon her paintings, I think that that is undoubtedlu true. Here is an unreserved, graphic expression of happiness.

Whit their challenging, almost kitchy colouring, Ragnhild Lundéns paintings are more like a revolt against much of the restrained painting that dominate the Swedish art scene. The scale of colours whisks us off to southern latitudes. And particularly whith Matisse as an ever presenr reference in her work, we are reminded of Morocc, where many of his light-drenched came into being. This artists ́ cult of the beautiful and adoration of lightare quite obviously what motivate Ragnhild Lundén too.

Different tales come together in her pictures,which have fragmentary and open structures whith no spatial support. We find ourselves in a cosmos, where I get the feeling that everything, absolutely everything, can be encountered by time and space. Her paintings searches back to drawings and even further to the most original signs we know. Hieroglyphics play the total central role in many of her paintings. More recently she has grown interested in

Arabic writing. Those of us who can read neither hieroglypicsNo, Ragnhild Lundén is not putting us to the test. She is rather inviting us to lean back
nor Arabis need not worry about the message in her pictures. The signs and characters are there for the sake of beauty and add spice to it. And I would also say that these signs and stability lend stability to the pictures. They are clear traces of human presence too.
comfortable armchair and allow ourselves to be whisked away for a while-away for everything to do with rationalism, in towards the dream, into meditation. Her visions reject intellectualism and make intuition and imagination into Meditation. Her visions reject intellectualism and make intuition and imagination to be-all and end-all of everything.
otherwordsWhile Ragnhild Lundén searches for concretion in her interest for the symbol, gravitation-free space is essential for the freely associated meetings that take place. Weightless
we are weightlessly floating around.energiesseeem to float around and appear to take shape quite temporarily.....and then presumably disintergrate again.
Ragnhild Lundén used to work as a virologist. She believes that the experience from her research work, studying viruses has played
role in her interpretation of art.
The squares dots and wavy patterns that she saw through the electron microscope recur in her compositions. The hexagonal virus reappears in coats of arms and hieroglyphics. For Ragnhild Lundén everything seems to be animated and everything is connected in a sort of metaphysical reality in which nature is a starting point.