Svetlana Sokolovskaya

Artist and cosmopolitan, born in 1964.  in Berlin, Germany.  She studied at the Moscow University of Arts, at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, faculty. painting.  Since 2006 she has been living in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Founder of the art direction - “Intimate Art”.

"INTIMATE ART" - a conceptual trend in modern painting at the intersection of erotica and pornography.  Characteristic features are realistic images of intimate human experiences in the post-modern interpretation of compositional and coloristic techniques in a positive, ironic mood of the era after porn addiction.


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 Solo exhibitions and participation in projects:


  1986- Personal exhibition in Berlin "House of the Russian-German friendship."  Germany

  1988 - Personal exhibition in the gallery of Vitebsk. Belarus

 - In 1992, in the museum "Walk" buys 5 art works of Vitebsk.  Belarus

  1993 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "Izmailovsky Park", Moscow.  Russia

  1995 - Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall of Krasnodar. Russia

  1996 - Personal exhibition in the Central Exhibition Hall on the embankment of Gelendzhik.  Russia

  1998 - Participation in the group exhibition of the Union of Artists of Kuban, Tuapse, the exhibition hall.  Russia

  2001 - Personal exhibition in the VIP hotel "Nadezhda", Novorossiysk.  Russia

  2004 - Personal exhibition in the RossMorPort administration of Novorossiysk.  Russia

  2005 - participation in the group exhibition of the Creative Union of Artists of Kuban, publication in the catalog. Russia

  2006 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "Rostra", St. Petersburg.  Russia

  2007 - “Cultural Heritage of Russia” The Foundation acquires two works published in the catalog.  Russia

  2007 - participation in the International Salon of Arts in Moscow, published in the catalog.  Russia

  2008 - Participation in projects Art Week, St. Petersburg.  Russia

  2009 - Participation in the WAF USA project.

  2009 - participation in the International Salon of Arts, Moscow.  Russia

  2011 - published in the catalog of the gallery "Ostwind" of mass art Karlsruhe, Germany.

  2012 - participation in the exhibition Pop-Up Gallery in New York.  USA

  2014- "ART Expo St. Petersburg" - participation, catalog, St. Petersburg, Russia

  2015 - Personal exhibition in the Gallery "Personal Room" St. Petersburg.  Russia

  2016- Participation in the exhibition gallery "Dark Loft" Tel Aviv.  Israel

  2016- Personal exhibition in the Museum of Erotic-ART. Permanent exposure.  Eilat  Israel

  2018- Personal exhibition in St. Petersburg in the ArtWay Gallery,  Nevsky st. Russia